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Comparison Essay Writing Guide and Topic Ideas
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How to Write an Outstanding Comparison Essay

A comparison essay (which can be called a compare and contrast one) is a common assignment for high school and college students. The explanation of this kind of assignment is in its name: you need to take two subjects, people, events, or other phenomena, and point out their similarities and, if needed, differences. Depending on your specific task, your essay can be focused only on similarities, solely on differences, or on both.

This type of task can make students face various degrees of difficulty. For some, it is not a problem to write a good paper, while other students struggle with analyzing and describing the matter. The level of difficulty also depends on the topic you choose. Some issues are easy to explain and compare, while other topics might be contradictory and hard to analyze.

What can help you compose a great essay is a consistency. You need to follow some rules and take into consideration some helpful tips and tricks, and you will have no troubles with creating an excellent essay.

Tips on How to Write the Best Comparative Texts

Comparing and contrasting is easy when you know how to start essay writing and what plan to stick to. It’s not difficult when you follow simple steps and stay consistent in composing the text.

You need to start by deciding which topic you want to explore and discuss. It’s always better to choose some subject you have a personal interest in because when you’re passionate about the issue or find it curious, you won’t have troubles with not having anything to say about it.

To make the process efficient, you need to start looking for similarities and differences. The simplest way to do that is to use a chart or a table. Focus on the list of different and similar points between the two subjects and figure out which ones you are going to describe in your essay.

Next, spend some time brainstorming. Grab a piece of paper and write down all your thoughts. It doesn’t matter if some of the ideas seem to be a bit silly at first; you still need to write all of them down. Every idea or opinion you have might come in handy during the writing process.

Think about your thesis, the part where you highlight all the important ideas of your paper. Then write a plan of the things you want to talk about and think of the way you’re going to structure your text. Don’t forget about references and citation, as they are very helpful when it comes to proving your points of argument.

Finally, check and double-check the final text. Don’t hesitate to spend some extra time fixing the grammar and punctuation mistakes, checking the format of the paper, and organizing the references in the correct order.

How to Organize and Format Your Comparison Essay

When it comes to essay writing, whether it’s a comparison and contrast essay or any other kind of writing task, it’s important to keep in mind the structure. Every paper must have the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction usually contains some description of the general topic and mention of the specific topic you’re going to write about.

The body of the text can be organized in a couple of ways. You can address the first subject you’re going to compare and write down all the aspects concerning this particular subject. Then you can move on to the second subject. For example, write about Topic #1 and Aspects 1, 2, 3, and so on. Then, proceed to the Topic #2 and Aspects 1, 2, 3.

Or, you can start by describing both subjects, and then compare their aspects one by one, side by side. This system would look like this: Topic #1 and Aspect #1 + Topic #2 and its Aspect #1, then Topic #1 and Aspect #2 + Topic #2 and its Aspect #2, and so on.

Just pick whichever formatting style is more suitable for you or the one that will allow you to write without struggling.

Comparison Essay Topic Ideas

Compare and contrast essay writing isn’t the easiest type of task, but you know how to deal with it now. What you also need to know is how to choose a powerful, interesting, and relevant topic. Picking a good topic is half of the work you need to do. So, take a look at these interesting topic ideas and feel free to use the one you like the best:

  • Top paying jobs: today vs. 20 years ago
  • The similarities and differences between American and Australian English
  • Chamber jazz and free jazz
  • The Bible vs. the Quran
  • Compare Prince and Michael Jackson
  • TV advertising vs. online ads
  • Spending a vacation in a luxury hotel or in the wild
  • American and Japanese cars
  • KFC’s and McDonald’s marketing techniques
  • Baroque and Renaissance art
  • A male friend vs. a female friend
  • Lying and acting: are they the same thing?
  • Lord of the Rings vs. Harry Potter
  • Hunting nowadays and hunting during the ancient times
  • Photoshop vs. makeup
  • What are the differences and similarities between civil union and marriage?
  • Dictators vs. school bullies
  • American and Korean pop cultures
  • The influence of parents vs. the influence of celebrities
  • Vegans vs. vegetarians