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How to Write an Essay Fast?

Speed is important when it comes to writing essays in class or when you have too much homework to do. Sometimes how fast you are able to do the task affects what grade you will receive. The good news is, though, that writing fast is not a talent; it’s an ability and a skill, which means you can easily develop it. Well, maybe not too easily on your own, but with the help of tips below, you will surely succeed.

What Is the Key to Writing Essays Fast?

The answer to this question is simple but often neglected by students. It’s planning. It’s all about planning. If you get down to working on a paper without having thought over its structure, main idea, argumentation, and other important things, you risk getting stuck on the first line.

  • Start with reading the essay prompt or question and understanding it.
    Before you begin the process of writing, you should realize what is expected from you. Do you need to compare things or prove your point? Are there any special requirements from your professor concerning the contents of the paper? Is it an academic style, or is it a more personal essay? Answer these questions and try to get yourself into the atmosphere needed for this type of assignment.
  • Write down key messages.
    It’s time to start thinking of the ideas you are going to discuss in your paper and the flow of thought you are going to present. Put the paper with your assignment in front of you, think it over again, and write down a few main points of discussion. Consider the first thoughts that come to your mind, as they may turn out to be the center of your essay.
  • Make a detailed plan.
    After you have done planning your piece of writing in general, you should write a detailed outline and plan the structure precisely. Remember the general rules for essays – 3 sections (the intro, the body, and the conclusion). If you were required to write a particular type of essay, you should check out if there are special structures typically used for it. For example, when comparing two items or notions, you may use a parallel structure, comparing their characteristics one by one.
  • Write your intro and conclusion parts first.
    Inconsistency and lack of concentration may retard you. Thus, when you proceed to the final part – creating a conclusion – you will be in a hurry and may miss something important. A proper conclusion is crucial, so it’s best to begin the work with creating the introductory paragraph and the concluding one. Thus, you will always have the idea you need to come to in front of your eyes, which won’t let you be inconsistent.

Practical Tips for Developing Your Writing Skills

It’s quite obvious that the ability to write fast can be developed with the help of practice. The more essays you have written, the faster you will finish the next one. However, not everyone has an opportunity to devote time to writing dozens of pages daily. If this is about you, read the following tips and start improving your writing skills right away:

  • Start a diary.
    A diary is a great way to get engaged in daily writing and even more – it will help you analyze your life day after day. Actually, you don’t have to make daily entries. You can choose between doing short entries every day or writing longer essays two or three times a week. It’s important not only to share the events that you have been through during the day but also to share your personal thoughts and analyze them. Thus, you will develop analytical thinking.
  • It’s a proven fact that people who read have a wider lexicon and know how to express their point of view properly. It doesn’t mean you should start reading classics or your school books (it’s a good idea, though). You can find anything that you like, be it science fiction or detective stories. But, of course, you should stay away from fan fiction stories or online publications from unverified Web resources because those can be of low quality, contain punctuation and grammar mistakes, be a representation of inconsistent thinking, etc.
  • Write reviews.
    You must share your opinion about books you read, movies you watch, or products you buy with your friends. Why not make some profit of it? You can start publishing online reviews and share your opinion with the world. Besides, doing so, you will also read other people’s reviews and comments, which will allow you to understand the secrets of writing even deeper.

Some Inspiring Topics to Help You Start

Sometimes you may be given a particular topic you should discuss and sometimes you may not. Finding a topic for an essay is hard, especially when you are limited in time. Here are a few ideas you can use to get some inspiration:

  • Do you believe people will talk one single language in the future? Will it be a change for the better or not?
  • Should health care be provided for free to all people, should the price be calculated depending on the incomes, or should the price be one for all?
  • Governments spend lots of money on art and sports industries. Is it reasonable in your mind?
  • Is completing education the best way to be hired for a good job? Describe your own way to be hired successfully.
  • First impressions are said to be important, especially on a date and an interview. What do you think about it?
  • What are your suggestions on balancing work or studies and personal life?
  • Some believe we shouldn’t allow tourists to some of the world’s most popular tourist destinations in order to protect them. Do you agree with this belief?
  • It’s a common believe that children who learn to read earlier grow up more intelligent individuals. Do you agree?
  • Should libraries refuse paper books and move to building online databases of resources? Why or why not?
  • Do you think that running a family business is good both for the business and for the family, or is it the only reason for quarrels and fighting? Explain your viewpoint.

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