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Deliver a perfect narrative essay
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What is a Narrative Essay?

Narrative essay is among the most typical assignments in school which teach students the skills needed to describe a certain event, situation or object in a profound and exciting way. Students’ task is to present their personal ideas, emotions, thoughts, reasoning, arguments, and attitudes about a particular issue in the form of a story. And they are free to do that in the manner which suits them best. This is a real chance to write a creative work. Like a real writer would have done. Despite the structural and format demands, this type of essay allows students to demonstrate their creative thinking.

Your essay has to be based on a truthful and meaningful experience that can constitute a good writing topic. Whatever you feel is worth sharing with your readers has to be written in an engaging and efficient manner. The objectives of your paper have to be explicit and understandable. If your topic is not given by the professor, concentrate on important issues that played a sufficient role in your life – you are supposed to produce an interesting narration and your personal analysis of the described issue.

Writing Tips

Except for an interesting topic, your story should possess a coherent structure. If your task is to write a narration, ensure to include all elements needed – an introductory part, characters, settings, plot, climax, and summary. Writing the introduction, keep in mind that this part should explain what you are going to write why. A good story has to explain the settings of the events as well as whom the characters are. After that, you should proceed with the plot of your story which will logically lead your readers to the culmination or climax of the entire narration – this is a turning point of your story. After that, your crucial idea is defined the way it should, and you can write personal conclusions you have made analyzing this story.

Don’t forget to write this text using the pronoun “I” as you are narrating the situation from your own perspective. Don’t hesitate to include monologs and dialogues in your story if you need them to express your thoughts. Ming you choice of language as it has to make your story alive and more atmospheric – relevant details also have to be chosen to set the mood of this narration. And the biggest advice is not to get overwhelmed generating a novel instead of an essay – be laconic, creative and up to the topic.

Narrative Topics to Choose From

The most significant thing you should do to deliver an outstanding narrative essay is to pick up the topic which is connected with your life in some way. You can describe the outcomes of important events, personal growth caused by some person, unexpected experience, the thing you haven’t done before, meaningful relationship, friendship, etc. This should be your own unique and special experience – feel free you illustrate your thoughts with examples and experiences from the real life situations. If you need any assistance in finding your perfect topic, you can consult with the list of the most popular essay topic examples.

  1. High school friendship
  2. Countryside brings back childhood
  3. My best journey
  4. A turning point of the freshman year
  5. Last day in a dormitory
  6. The holiday of my dreams
  7. Why my family is important to me
  8. It was a disastrous weekend
  9. I have a dream
  10. How I got my driving license
  11. One person that changed my life
  12. What my granddad taught me to do
  13. The day I had enough
  14. The scariest flight in my life
  15. My friends are the best ones

Essay Writing Samples

Every essay should be written with respect to the format requirements. If you are writing a narrative essay, you should grab readers’ attention from the very first sentence. It should be interesting and engaging – a special hook can be used to attract readers. You can use a famous quote from a prominent person who is connected to your topic. For example: “Childhood, school or work friends. Our reality is full of these special bonds we form with other people throughout the entire life. And each friendship provides something unique and irreplaceable in our lives. And I agree one hundred percent with O. Henry, who wrote in his amazing novel, Heart of the West, that no friendship is an accident. Every person with whom I feel a connection appeared in my life at proper time and place.”

Also, it is important how you finish your work as a summary is very valuable in terms of leaving a lasting impression on your readers. You should conclude the information mention in your work in an interesting showing what experience you have gained. For example, if you are writing about your first day in college: “Was it tough? Yes, it was. But in spite of everything that was one of the most unbelievable days in my life full of new people, events, activities, and emotions. That was the moment when I realized that my childhood ended the day I had decided to make a new step towards an independent life.”

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