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The Best Universities for Computer Science- whatch them
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The Best Universities for Computer Science

Pursuing computer science is a ‘no-brainer’; it is one of those careers that has and will continue to grow in popularity, for the unforeseeable future. Today, there is such a proliferation of modern technology that we do not yet see the ending of its growth or diversification into various areas of our lives. Many industries are on the path of incorporating different IT measures into their businesses, from business to manufacturing and from banking to education.

This means that the possible job prospects after leaving college are limitless. Directly, it is also the number one reason why more and more educational institutions are offering these Information Technology degrees because it simply makes sense. With so many schools to choose from, students, like you will need help in selecting some of the best offerings out there. As such, we have provided a listing of the best universities for Computer Science.

As we have come to expect in recent years, the majority of the top ranking educational institutions are within the United States and Europe, while another set are in Asia. You will find that the course of study or curriculum will vary at different schools depending on whether they give a heavier focus on theory or practice. You will find that the schools that score higher on the listing are more innovative.

The Best Universities

Stanford University

This educational institution continues to hold the top position on many lists. Many students seek this Ivy League institution every year. They have all three levels of offerings, from bachelors of Science to doctor of philosophy. They have a great reputation with practice for over 52 years, to their credit. Stanford University diversifies, offering students specializations with a focus in programming systems, scientific computing, robotics, foundations of computer science and artificial intelligence. Interdisciplinary explorations are also encouraged in areas such as medicine and genetics, among others. The fact that one prominent computer genius and billionaire, Bill Gates, is also affiliated with the school is an added boost.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

There is no doubt the MIT students are world changers and world dominators. They have been known to impact the way we do things for generations. Their technology department is filled with bright minds from all over the world, who leave and become influential innovators across the globe. One of the main policies of the school is to facilitate student exploration and development of creative ideas; to launch startup companies. No wonder it is a favorite among high school leavers, not just for technology. They teach their students to consider factors such as startup capital, calculating risks, etc. the curricula is customized and will allow students to either be more theory based or more focused on practical problem-solving.

University of Oxford

When you think about the oldest computer department at any school, in the world, then the University of Oxford should be at the top of your list. This department was beforehand known as Oxford University Computing Laboratory. They too have programmes at every level and students who go on to expand their training and research. They have three undergrad programmes which are a mix of Philosophy, Maths and Computer Science. Specializations are offered in computational linguistics, software verification, information systems, quantum computing and computational biology.

ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

Next on the list is another groundbreaking school with innovative minds contributing to the world of technology. The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich started their department about 1981. They have been programming software and building systems since then. Apart from teaching many programming languages in their software courses, they also have programmes focusing on areas such as information security, algorithms and theory networks and distributed systems and computational intelligence.

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich has close partnerships with global business giants such as Disney, SAP, Google, Microsoft, and IBM. This allows students and teachers alike to collaborate on projects, which impact the world’s population and our daily lives. It is interesting to note that the school as a long history dating back to 1855 when the state of Switzerland was formed. It was intended that the school be a place of science and innovation, and it has done well to live up to that mandate.

University of Cambridge

This outstanding institution is certainly worthy of being in the list. They are known to have continuous research and exploration in the areas of computer architecture, graphics and interaction, security, and artificial intelligence. The University of Cambridge technology department offers first degrees as well as Ph.D. in Computer Science, Master’s Degree in Philosophy in Computer Science and a general master’s degree. In addition, they have a flexible component that allows students to advance and complete their programs in a shorter time frame.

Top 10 in Computer Science

There are other institutions like California Institute of Technology otherwise known as Caltech, which offers students above par education in the areas of IT, science and engineering. In addition, there is Carnegie Mellon University, which is one of the few schools to be a part of World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum. Then there is Georgia Institute of Technology who has also ranked highly on the Tech. Co list. Imperial College London and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland are the others that round of the top ten ranked schools and are considered the best universities for Computer Science. These highly ranked educational institutions are all in the countries of the United States, United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

Top 20 in Computer Science

The table below provides a listing of the top-ranked twenty (20) schools across the world, in Computer Science. As the list is extended, you will see that there is one each from Singapore, Germany, and China. With the most schools on the listing is the US ten (10) ten schools and the UK has five (5).

Rank University Country
1 Stanford University United States
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
3 University of Oxford United Kingdom
4 ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute  Switzerland
5 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
6 California Institute of Technology United States
6 Carnegie Mellon University United States
8 Georgia Institute of Technology United States
9 Imperial College London United Kingdom
10 École Polytechnique Fédérale  Switzerland
11 Harvard University United States
12 Princeton University United States
13 National University of Singapore Singapore
14 University of Edinburgh United Kingdom
15 Cornell University United States
16 Technical University of Munich Germany
17 University of Washington United States
18 University College London United Kingdom
19 Columbia University United States
20 Tsinghua University China