How to Write an Anti Essay?

The Anti Essay Sample I want to dedicate this essay to such amazing creatures as penguins. I believe that penguins are the real work of art and we should be grateful to mother-nature for these amazing birds that can enhance our mood by their appearance. These birds are the most important creatures in the whole white world and I can’t imagine my life without them. They are rimarkable and adorable birds full of love and caring. Being dear to me, penguins will stay in my heart forever ever – I don’t understand people who say they are ugly or discusting.... Read more

How to Write an Essay Fast?

Speed is important when it comes to writing essays in class or when you have too much homework to do. Sometimes how fast you are able to do the task affects what grade you will receive. The good news is, though, that writing fast is not a talent; it’s an ability and a skill, which means you can easily develop it. Well, maybe not too easily on your own, but with the help of tips below, you will surely succeed. What Is the Key to Writing Essays Fast? The answer to this question is simple but often neglected by students.... Read more

How to Write an Essay

How to Write an Essay When You Don’t Have Any Cool Topic Ideas? First of all, it’s okay to look for essay help. Argumentative writing and essay papers can drive any college or high school student into a corner. You can always turn to an essay writing service Grademiners.co or look for some inspiration online. How to Choose the Best Idea Among the Popular Topics? College and high school essay writing allow students to develop their creative skills. Argumentative writing (or any other type of essay) can either make students interested or bored. It all depends on the topic. So,... Read more

How to Write an Academic Book Review?

College students are often given an opportunity to express their opinions and show their writing skills. But when it comes to writing a book review, students also get a chance to explore some great works of literature. To write a book review means to show your own critical perspective and opinion on the text. You need to make an argument and provide comments, not just a summary. Composing a review is like communicating with the author and the readers. You create a potential discussion and dialogues, allowing the readers to evaluate the literary work and see whether they would like... Read more