J. Lock’s Understanding of Human Morality

John Locke is a key figure for English and world philosophy. He played an essential role in the formation of the ethos of modern civilization through the protection and justification of liberal values. Locke did not leave a special work on ethics. His vision of ethical problems is reflected in theoretical philosophy An Essay Concerning Human Understanding and socio-political doctrine. Nevertheless, his views on the moral life are quite systematic. In his work, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding the basic notion is formulated as follows: exact wits are required for a human for a virtuous life that should lead society... Read more

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Dated 1690, Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke made a lot of famous philosophers think about the basis of human knowledge and understanding. In the first book, Locke portrays the mind at birth as a blank canvas, which is filled only with experience. There are no innate principles, and everything we ever get to know is due to our experience. In the second book, the author unfolds his previous thought and says that ideas appear from experience with the help of sensation or reflection. Books III and IV are devoted to words and person’s understanding. “God, having designed man... Read more