Essay Why Social Networks Are Bad

Social networks have identified the development trends of the Internet in the direction of integration, the pooling of opportunities within a single, multi-user web platform. These platforms provided a lot of opportunities.  The user can communicate with friends, read the news, watch movies, listen to music, share it with other participants, take part in discussions that audience will support, unite by interests, create communities and all these opportunities are concentrated on one site. Social networks are a great technological achievement. They amuse our lives in a great way. This essay will be dealing with advantages and some shortcomings of social... Read more

The Best Things in Life Are Free Narrative Essay

Money is a very important part of our daily life. Someone, perhaps, will go further and express defined point view that it is the most important thing in the world. It is also true to some extent since money can give us so much: food, clothes, a roof overhead, comfort and comfort, health, social position and other luxuries of life. However, there are other opinions. The importance of money in our time is too overrated; moreover, they can force and really force people to become enriched for the sake of morality, to act immorally and unworthy, to act contrary to... Read more

The Falling Man Photo Essay

September 11 is a tragic day for the United States. It was on this day that four terrorist acts occurred simultaneously. The tragedy once again showed the world that human life could suddenly be broken due to someone’s malicious intent. On that day, the terrorists seized four airliners and drove them to the towers of the World Trade Center in New York, and about three thousand innocent people were killed in a few hours. As a result of the collision, both towers caught fire. Panicking people jumped from the burning windows at a mad height to meet their death. The... Read more

How to Write an Anti Essay?

The Anti Essay Sample I want to dedicate this essay to such amazing creatures as penguins. I believe that penguins are the real work of art and we should be grateful to mother-nature for these amazing birds that can enhance our mood by their appearance. These birds are the most important creatures in the whole white world and I can’t imagine my life without them. They are rimarkable and adorable birds full of love and caring. Being dear to me, penguins will stay in my heart forever ever – I don’t understand people who say they are ugly or discusting.... Read more

A Powerful Anti Essay is Not Hard to Write

I can bet that you have imagined yourself delivering the most unacceptable, controversial and weird essay to your demanding teacher. If yes, you should write an anti-essay. This type of essay is created to give students a bit of satisfaction from writing serious essays, term papers, and research papers. Anti-essays have one particular aim – to write this essay completely opposite to all demands you have been provided before. Delete all information concerning essays from your head. And then write your essay omitting all rules, grammatical or structural, not to deliver another tedious and dry as dust essay. Make your... Read more

An Essay Concerning Human Understanding

Dated 1690, Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke made a lot of famous philosophers think about the basis of human knowledge and understanding. In the first book, Locke portrays the mind at birth as a blank canvas, which is filled only with experience. There are no innate principles, and everything we ever get to know is due to our experience. In the second book, the author unfolds his previous thought and says that ideas appear from experience with the help of sensation or reflection. Books III and IV are devoted to words and person’s understanding. “God, having designed man... Read more

Expository Essay Sample

How Can Weather Affect People’s Mood? Have you ever felt like your mood is changing because of the weather getting hot or windy? Unpleasant weather can indeed affect human’s emotional system. Just a while ago, researchers found out several objective cases why some people can be affected by the atmospheric conditions and even distinguished a few categories people can fall into. According to Klimstra (2011), half of the 415 teenagers were greatly influenced by climates shifts, although the other fifty percent were not. Later on, the investigation established 4 distinct types of personality: summer lovers, summer haters, rain haters and unaffected by the weather. It potentially reveals how climate can affect our state of mind. Moreover, being under weather influence can lead to a seasonal affective disorder, that is characterized by feeling low in line with a certain time of the year. Basically, there are a few objective reasons why a person’s mood may downshift. Firstly,  a lack of sunshine. In Autumn and Winter, when people are exposed to less sunlight, their brains produce the lower amount of serotonin – a monoamine neurotransmitter affecting human’s appetite and emotions – and the higher level of melatonin, which makes people want to sleep. Furthermore, the lack of sunlight makes carbohydrate cravings increase and individuals suffering from seasonal affective disorder constantly reach for food. Judith Wurtman, a former scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, points out that adding vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals to your diet will help pessimistic individuals feel more optimistic. Secondly, low temperature may provoke apathy. Cool weather cuts down blood flow, sensory reaction and balance in general which affects the realization of complicated physical tasks. To prompt blood flow, try to do some stretching routine in the morning  – this will help you to feel alive during the day. However, things can work vice versa. Some people are more susceptible to seasonal affective disorder in the summer due to excessive heat and humidity, which is quite challenging for researchers, as it is brought on by different factors. The third factor is a reduction in atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure can affect nerves and joints, which eventually might lead to back or knee pain. Here’s a way out – a good and balanced training as well which will help our bodies feel brand-new. On the other hand, weather can lift us up. Those who enjoy hot sunny summer days are feeling joyful, happy and less fearful when there’s more sunlight and the temperature is high. Ernest Hemingway, a famous American novelist, once wrote: “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest.” And he was absolutely right. A 2004 University of Michigan investigation discovered that individuals who devote around 30 minutes outdoors in pleasant weather — either by going on vacation to tropical countries during the winter months or by having a walk on a nice and sunny spring day — had good moods. Moreover, people are more contented when the days are longer and a few extra hours can be a game changer. Enjoyable climates can even boost our creativity. “Being outside in pleasant weather really offers a way to reset your mindset,” said Matthew Keller, one of the Michigan investigation scientists. All in all, weather can leave negative as well as positive impact on human’s emotional well-being if we agree with the studies. By having a direct influence on our mood, warm days can raise a depressed person up and even bring better self-esteem, while rainy ones usually make people feel blue or inactive. Ultimately, the weather seems to have an actual impact on human’s state of mind. However, any person experiencing seasonal affective disorder or feeling a bit blue when it’s rainy can overcome it by having good stretching and reaching out for some vitamin-rich food. Written by:

Admission Essays: My Two Favourite Books

If you want to study literature in college, you should show your perfect knowledge and deep understanding of some pieces of classical literature. That is why deciding what to write about, it will be reasonable to apply to your favorite books in authors in your college essays that worked. The novel Bel Ami was written by Maupassant in 1885. In it, the French writer immediately addressed several classical problems, closely related to the main idea of the work – an attempt to show human nature, corrupted by a materialistic society. The protagonist of the novel is a former military man,... Read more

Film Evaluative Essay

When I heard the title of film “Burnt,” I’ve already known that it is about some particularly outstanding, distinguished person. It is not based on the real story though looks real since lots of people may recognize themselves being crashed on the way to success struggling with obstacles similar to the main character. I will evaluate it with different criteria: plot, cast, scenery, critics. Fair criteria judgments may help a reader decide if he/she wants to see this film. The flick is written by Steven Knight, directed by John Wells. I think, they made everything to make spectators enjoy the... Read more

Main Features of Nietzsche’s Philosophy MLA Essay Example

At the end of the 19th century, Western world outlook was turning from rationalistic, philosophical systems that asserted faith in the power and triumph of a person’s thought to the opportunity of recognizing the world in the progress of mankind to philosophical systems that denied rationalism and the possibility of knowing the world, which denied the progress of society and a person. The expression of this turn was the world outlook of Nietzsche. He is one of the most brilliant European thinkers-contemporaries. Nietzsche founded the direction of rethinking life, in which it was proclaimed an indisputable value, a reality that... Read more