Freelance Writers or Legitimate Writing Service

The world of writing is far different in today’s technological age than it was ten to twenty years ago. With the advent of the internet, there is an ever-increasing demand for written content, which directly affects the level of exposure your website has online. It also affects your Google ranking, which is the dominant way of driving traffic to your website. As such, every website is in need of some amount of content, some more than others are. Enter in online freelance writers or writing agencies. This realm has expanded to the offering of legitimate essay writing services and freelance... Read more

What’s the Difference Between Proofreading and Copy Editing?

The majority of college students think that copy editing and proofreading are two identical things. But experienced academic writers know the difference, and they also realize how helpful copy editing and proofreading are. Students oftentimes forget to check their final texts or don’t have enough time to do that. That’s why hiring a proofreader or a trained editor is a good idea. But what can you expect from each of them? Let’s look at the differences between proofreading and copy editing and find out what academic writers can offer you. What Is Proofreading? College students can easily find writers who... Read more