College Essay On College Stress

In conformity with the American National Center for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, only one-third of those who had tension receive qualified psychological help. There are two reasons for it. Either parent does not suspect that a teenage child might experience stress and its consequences, or children are afraid to talk with adults about their problems. Statistics on child tension in Europe is also disappointing. About 40% of girls and the same number of boys experienced at least one serious stressful situation in their lives. Behind every “dry” percentage of statistics are the lives of adolescents. 6% of boys and almost 15%... Read more

College Athletes Should Be Paid

The United States of America is a sporting state. Both professional and amateur activity plays a huge role in the life of this society. The main base of amateur games is academic establishments – schools and colleges. Student sport in the USA is incredibly popular. The beginning of such an incredibly activity in the United States was laid in 1843 when a boat club was organized at Yale. In 1844, the same club was created at Harvard. The history of student competitions in the US began in 1852 when the first rowing competitions took place between the teams of Harvard... Read more

Career Tips for College Students and Undergraduates

College prepares you to real life. Although the college experience is about academics, those four years are the beginning your professional development. If you take smart steps while you’re an undergraduate, you’ll have more chances to get a dream job after graduation. Here are nine career-planning tips for college students and undergraduates. Visit Career Services Most campuses have a career services office which guides students on job market possibilities, and which helps prepare them for applying and interviewing as they near graduation. Your campus career services office is a great way to start your job search during your years in... Read more

How to Win a College Scholarship

It’s not a secret that the college costs have increased significantly and it is getting more and more difficult to pay for schooling. Loans are blessings in disguise – so, what is the way out? Fortunately, the government, colleges, and private organizations provide finances for students to cover the entire college tuition payments. One of the financial aid forms is scholarships. By winning a college scholarship, you won’t get into serious debts and won’t break out in a cold sweat thinking how to repay it. One more thing. If you don’t put an effort to apply to scholarships, you won’t... Read more

20 Hobbies For College Students With Minimum Costs

Every college student needs to take up a hobby not to sink in a daily routine. However, living on a truly tight spending plan since you want to escape obligation or resign early doesn’t mean sitting in a dim room doing nothing. It just means swapping costly pastimes and leisure activities for cheap or free ones. Even better, you can also find some people that will pay you to do them. Would you like to discover a fun, ease leisure activity? A decent side interest is engaging, satisfying and is capable of improving your life – yet they can regularly... Read more