Death Penalty Essay: Arguments Against It

In 1998, there were only 35 countries in the world that rejected the death penalty. Today this number has tripled. However, the real picture behind these figures is not simple and straightforward. This castigation is applied in the countries of Africa, Middle East, and Asia. However, this list also includes the United States. There is no unanimous answer to the question whether the capital castigation is necessary for society. The arguments of the supporters are clear: the deterrent, the impossibility of relapse, the threat of Lynch’s trial, the softness of life imprisonment. Nevertheless, it is necessary to look at the... Read more

TV Is Rather Bad Than Good

Argumentative Paper Example Television appeared almost a hundred years ago. Experts did not doubt the imminent death of books, theater and cinema, and enthusiastic spectators seated in front of TV screens, the size of which did not exceed the saucer. Now the picture has changed. TVs got huge color screens, surround sound and the same image, but the planned death of all the arts did not happen. Undoubtedly, it is a great fortune. There are a lot of pieces evidence why the TV is rather bad than good and here are some of the most crucial. TV devours your time.... Read more

How to Be the Best in Argumentative Essay Writing in Class?

Argumentative writing can be interesting and exciting. College students oftentimes receive such essay writing tasks, which show their analyzing skills and abilities to develop a thought and present it on paper. The argument-oriented essays belong to the writing genre where you’re supposed to establish an opinion on a certain matter, explain your position, use evidence and facts to convince (or maybe even persuade) the reader, and prove your own point of view. The Best Way for College Students to Write Argumentative Essays Sticking to a certain structure is a good strategy when it comes to essay writing. Start the text... Read more