College Admission Essay Sample

Ever since I learned what a university is, I heard everyone in my family gabbing about the State University and the great heritage that it has. Later, as I grew older, my definition of the same term entirely changed. My uncle being an alumnus took me there a couple of times, and every single time it mesmerized me with its magnificence. My flair for the discipline of science knows no bound. I regularly work to learn something new, and same drove to the University of Texas as a part of their Science Program in the year 2015. The event changed... Read more

Admission Essays: My Two Favourite Books

If you want to study literature in college, you should show your perfect knowledge and deep understanding of some pieces of classical literature. That is why deciding what to write about, it will be reasonable to apply to your favorite books in authors in your college essays that worked. The novel Bel Ami was written by Maupassant in 1885. In it, the French writer immediately addressed several classical problems, closely related to the main idea of the work – an attempt to show human nature, corrupted by a materialistic society. The protagonist of the novel is a former military man,... Read more