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Pros and Cons of Gun Control

Relations with the weapons have lasted since the inception of humankind. We passed a great way, not only in inventing new methods of killing but also in understanding weapons as a tool from the first primitive club to high-precision sniper rifles. However, there are a lot of arguments against gun control and in support of it.

I support pro-gun control due to the following reasons. The first reason is an increase in the level of murders with its help. However, here we should proceed from the mentality and culture of a particular country. The legalization of weapons in countries with low legal and civic culture will become a method of mass extermination in a matter of days. Conversely, in countries where human life is recognized as the highest value, this conviction will only be strengthened by the use of weapons.

The gun does not help defend against the perpetrator. There is a number of nuances. First, this argument in itself is not against legalization. The inability to defend himself against the criminal with the help of a pistol is a sign of the uselessness of the gun. Next are nuances of a more complex nature, which, by the way, cause the greatest number of disputes. For example, it is argued that when meeting a serious criminal, there is very little chance of shooting him, as he attacks swiftly, unexpectedly and with the intention of quickly disabling the victim. The effect of the gun in most cases makes sense to consider when the enemy is clearly visible and has not yet paralyzed the owner of the gun. Are there many such cases in criminal practice?

Another, more serious argument “against” concerns the culture of carrying, storing and using weapons. It’s because in action movies the main character almost sleeps with a personal revolver. In real life, weapons must be periodically cleaned, purchased and placed a special safe for its storage, pass the commission, learn how to use it. In a situation where some people are limited in finances, this task seems not that impossible, but unlikely. Without the creation of an appropriate weapons infrastructure, it will be a dangerous enterprise – to give people guns and not to teach them how to use it.

Another argument “against” is the opportunity to acquire permits to carry weapons for a “bribe.” This opportunity is more that relevant in countries with a high level of corruption. Moreover, crime should be fought not by citizens, but by law enforcement agencies. There is no sense in arguing. Normally working militia, with an adequate policy of the state, gives an effect that exceeds the effects of legalization. If this were not the case, all countries would have given automatic weapons to all citizens long ago, and the police would have been dissolved. The organized struggle works well and not personal clashes. The criminal is afraid of strong and incorruptible policemen, and not armed citizens. Everything is clear, but there are nuances. Nuances are: what if the state and the police do not cope? The answer is as follows. In this case, it is necessary to begin with the correction of the state and the police. After decisive shifts in this direction, weapons in the hands of honest and conscious citizens will render normal police and normal state programs a good help.

Arguments “for” the legalization of military weapons are no less solid. One of the main arguments against gun control is the ability of people to protect themselves, according to the constitutionally fixed and most crucial right. It is the right to life. Cities are growing, and with it, the old methods of protecting citizens from their own kind are losing their effectiveness. New time means the new rules of the game.

The second, no less serious argument concerns the attitude towards the weapon itself. You can kill, or you can cut bread with a knife. But this is not an excuse to ban a knife; it’s just an instrument that makes life easier for law-abiding citizens and complicates it for those who are not. It’s the same with firearms. Understanding that a personal gun is another way to protect yourself from the dangers of this world, the guarantee of your safety is the key to understanding yourself and the attitude to the issue of legalization.

Legalization has both pluses and minuses, but the advantages can significantly outweigh the disadvantages and give a strong effect only if the chaos is eliminated in state structures and the nature of socio-economic relations. Therefore, it is necessary to do this primarily, and legalization of weapons should be considered only as a valuable supplement, helping to improve the situation more quickly after the mentioned changes. There is no sense to rely on a gun – with a mess; it very weakly helps non-criminal elements.

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