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Comparative Essay: Private and Public Universities in the USA
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Private and Public Universities in the USA

Comparative Essay in MLA style

Both private and public schools are a great place for study; still, an appropriate choice depends on the kind of a college a person is searching for.

Private universities are built and financed by people who don’t work in the government. A lot of well-known private universities are non-profit. The most popular schools that belong to private ones incorporate Harvard, Keiser University, MIT, and Stanford. Public schools, on the other hand, are launched and supported by governments. Prominent public schools encompass the University of North Carolina, the University of Illinois, and Ohio State University.

Education in public institutions is generally less expensive as they are financed by state governments. This makes expenditures lower since payment for schooling does not have to cover all of the university’s expenses. The authorities compensate the business expense of the schools, and average tuition at public institutions for the 2017 year is $9,650 accordingly. Another discrepancy is a number of people attending the same seminars. Public schools, in the whole, create large classes, specifically for first-year students. Here, 200 sophomores may be engaged in the same courses, especially those who have chosen a popular program. As expected, the more people are in class, the more complicated it is to talk to instructors, to be involved in a debate or discuss a topic. Analyzing the student population, there is less geographic variety since many undergraduates come from in-state because of the lower educational prices for state citizens. Out-of-state applicants are still welcome, but they pay more than in-state students do. What is attractive about public colleges is that the range of degrees and programs is diverse, that is why at such institution, you will definitely find a type of program you want. Moreover, it is easier for those who want to study in such schools to get into because they are less popular than Ivy League schools. However, many of the public institutions also have challenging entrance processes and have comparatively low acceptance ratio. Taking into account possibilities for researchers to conduct an investigation public colleges are great option to consider, as here scholars are able to work with innovative research equipment and other means needed for a first-rate investigation. As a result, it may be quite challenging for applicants to attract the attention of faculty members and make them curious about their research. Altogether, public schools give excellent opportunities for young researchers.

Applicants who consider private colleges must get acquainted with the price range, as these institutions are far more expensive than those financed by the government. They use money students have paid for the tuition and donations to buy facilities and equipment for a university. Those who are dreaming of becoming alumni of any of these schools have to be ready to invest in the future and pay the full cost of their schooling unless they win a scholarship. Average tuition at such colleges for the 2017 year is $33,480. It is worth mentioning that administration in private colleges is able to create small classes and it is a huge advantage. Students will be able to share their thoughts with instructors as well as build closer relationships with each other. By attending smaller classes, undergraduates will have more chances to collaborate with professors on particular tasks. One more benefit is offering by private institutions their education to out-of state students and to the in-state ones for the same price. A number of degrees and programs may vary and depend upon the university. Some private institutions are very popular, and those who want to become one of their students have to work hard and don’t lose enthusiasm.  For example, the most prestigious schools like Harvard and Yale get an immense amount of applications because of good reputations. Popular private colleges offer lots of resources for scientific investigation; however, some of them provide fewer resources and facilities overall.

All in all, when considering choosing the university, prospective students must consider finances, degree or program they want to pursue and persistence they possess.

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