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Your Persuasive Essays Will Be Brilliant and Profound

As a student, you are aware that during lectures and seminars you have not only to retell the studied material but also to express your thoughts and ideas towards this subject. And, moreover, to prove your reasoning with a powerful back-up. Students are supposed to illustrate why they support or object to this issue by providing convincing arguments and relevant facts. To write a proper argumentative essay, students should do the same but in the written form – choose the subject worth proving and convince the readers to share your viewpoint, accept proven arguments and adopt your way of critical analysis. Your task is to use your skills of persuasion and explain to the readers why they should agree with your ideas.

Also, you should demonstrate that you got acquainted with both supporting and opposite ideas. It’s is a constructive idea to explain the advantages of your position. At the same time, you can prove that opposing views have too many drawbacks or lack proper arguments. And don’t forget that this type of essay demands a full-fledged research in order to find well-reasoned assumptions so check whether the sources used for your research have a proper scientific reputation. The analysis of the event, situation or object has to be performed on the basis of verified, logical and trustworthy facts. Every student will come across this task during their standardized tests, so it’s preferable to get acquainted with its requirements.

Interesting Persuasive Essay Prompts

As any other type of academic papers, be that other essay types, term papers, research papers or reports, this essay demands to be studied from different angles. After you perform a full-fledged research of the chosen issue, you should follow several guidelines to facilitate a good essay delivering. They will be very handy in terms to present your material in a logical and coherent way.

  • Step one.

If you want your work to influence somebody’s beliefs, then pick up a meaningful subject to research, which can be supported or opposed. Then decide whether you are for or against this issue – it’s an advantage if the topic you are going to write about is in some way familiar or interesting to research. Take your time and think about what you are interested at and in which field you have certain background knowledge. After that, you have to be precise and clarify to your readers what caused your interest and why you decided to support or oppose this issue. You can also come up with a specific solution to this situation, if necessary.

  • Step two.

After choosing the most suitable topic, it’s time to conduct a profound research. You should make use of reliable publications and on-line resources to include relevant arguments into your work. You can use solid facts, trustworthy evidence, statistics, tables or expert quotations to prove that your thoughts are based on other scientific studies in this field. And make sure to provide your own examples in this work. Don’t forget to make the list of all resources used for your research – citations are obligatory. You will demonstrate that you are aware of other academic ways this subject is being investigated.

  • Step three.

So you have gathered necessary information, details, and facts to support your thoughts. Now you should organize all your ideas into a logical structure – the introduction, main body paragraphs, and conclusions. Begin your work with a catchy and engaging sentence to draw their attention. This can be an interesting fact, a memorable quote, an exciting joke, whatever you feel is suitable to attract your readers. After that, you should explain what is so special about the chosen subject and what your writing objective are. You have to provide the crucial idea of your whole paper in the form of a thesis statement. Main paragraphs should include your thoughts and arguments, one per paragraph preferable, and analyze the studied issue peculiarities and its strong sides. Then you can end your paper with a well-reasoned summary of all pieces of evidence mentioned before and your own logical and objective assumptions on this subject.

Persuasive Essay Topics Examples

To facilitate you this writing assignment, the list of the most suitable persuasive essay topics has been elaborated. You are free to use these essay topics as a boost for your own topics that will encourage you to generate a decent persuasive essay. You are free to choose one mentioned in this list if you feel that a proper essay can be written on this particular topic.

  1. Health care should be free of charge.
  2. Testing on animals for pharmaceutical and commercial purposes should be banned.
  3. The Internet is an educational resource.
  4. Smoking and alcohol commercial is the propaganda of decreases and violence.
  5. What are the benefits of recycling?
  6. Alternative energy is a great way to save the ecological situation.
  7. Human behavior is the main cause of climate change.
  8. Why is breastfeeding a natural process that should be encouraged in public?
  9. Illegal immigrants: how to solve the situation.
  10. Marijuana can be successfully used as medicine.
  11. Are we paying too many taxes?
  12. What perks should be granted to the elderly?
  13. Is it possible to find a job by playing video games?
  14. Fast food industry: explicit and implicit.
  15. Why should WiFi be free?
  16. Should we count calories?
  17. Why genetically modified food has to be specifically marked?
  18. When is the most suitable time for the first job?
  19. Can we live without technologies?
  20. What contribution can our generation make to modern society?
  21. How can a good education help to fight poverty?
  22. Why endangered animals need extra protection?
  23. The hazards of gambling.
  24. Zoos – the concentration camp for animals.
  25. The devastating consequences of drunken driving.
  26. Social media and their impact on children and teenagers.
  27. Pets can cure depression.
  28. The most important person in the XX century is…
  29. What is more important – good salary or an emotional satisfaction?
  30. Is your diploma the guarantee of a successful future?

It’s a true art to be able to persuade the audience to adopt your viewpoint, so writing this type of essay can be a challenging and demanding task which requires time and thorough preparation. Our team consists of qualified specialists in their scientific fields who are here for you whenever you need them. They will provide you with an excellent assistance in persuasive essay writing. We are ready to lead you through all stages of academic writing efficiently and reasonably. Our service starts working the minute you submit your order!