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An Impression I Create – Personal Essay

Assumptions People Make About Me

It is commonly believed that our world is more convenient for extroverts and they have more chances to achieve success. Extroverts are prone to leadership, love communication and are constantly looking for new experiences. Every second now works in the open space and constantly communicates with colleagues, children from school years are talked about the importance of teamwork, and the ability to present oneself is no less important than real skills and knowledge in interviews.

It is not easy to admit that you are an introvert. In the minds of people, introversion is associated with modesty and delicacy, or even with indecision, self-centeredness, and misanthropy. It is my personal experience since the label of introvert was attached to me from the very childhood. Despite the fact that I love to communicate with people, it has always been hard to make new acquaintances, I did not like to be in the spotlight, and spent most of my free time reading science fiction books. When I was in elementary school, my mother was told that it would be difficult for me to succeed in life. I knew the material well, but I did not aspire to demonstrate it. My older brother was always the leader, the soul of the company and in any place attracted maximum attention. Therefore, against his background, I always looked particularly disadvantageous. Now I’m enough years old. I spent most of my years in trying to remake myself and overcome shyness, but it always seemed to me that it is normal to be an introvert.

What assumptions do people make about me? Well, at times, there are the strangest ones. For example, I’m stressed by small talks. All these polite “shuffling” during meetings, incomprehensible conversations about nature and weather are perceived by me as a waste of time. Sometimes people think that I am uncommunicative and impolite.

I can’t stand networking. I am for sincerity and honesty in everything and will not look for opportunities to get acquainted with “useful” people. In this regard, they think that I’m passive, but in fact, I’m looking for my own ways of achieving goals, without outside help.

People around me say that I’m “very impressionable person.” Movies, books, someone’s life story can be very keen on me, and I take a lot of things very close to heart.

I avoid events that involve the audience. Сelebrations and events on which there are entertainers is a real “nightmare.” If I already got to such a “banquet,” I will do my best to be as far as possible from mass entertainment. I do not like total fun, but if I’m already starting to have fun, then I can not be stopped. For this reason, people consider me at least strange and prone to extremes.

I always have “internal monolog mode.” Introverts talk a lot with themselves. And “discussing” this with themselves, they do not see the need to recount their thoughts again for others. Sometimes I seem irritable to people, although I just do not want to explain the obvious things ten times in a row.

I find it easier to express thoughts in writing than to voice them during a conversation. After all, the letter assumes the opportunity to allocate time, carefully think through, pick up the right words. In general, it’s more comfortable to write letters than to stand up and immediately express my opinion. For this reason, I’m ranked uncommunicative and withdrawn again. They say I am too wise for my age. Very often people do not believe me when I say how old I’m and think that I should be older by at least five years.

These are typical assumptions that people make about me. Some of them are true, some are not, but to be honest, it does not bother me at all.

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