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How to write great Common Application Essays

New Common Application Essay Prompts announced. A guide for students

The most memorable part of all the documents that you provide for admission is your essay. It helps the admissions officers try to see who you really are. The majority of applicants have the same points for exams, grades and it is the essay that highlights your personality. In addition, it shows how you assess yourself, analyze information, and communicate with others in writing. The admission committee not only learns your information and judges you about grammatical structures and the language units used but also pay special attention to your statements and new ideas presented in your essay.

The Common App Essay Prompts are as follows:

  • Dwell upon your background, family relations, hobbies talents ;
  • Describe the obstacles you faced and overcame;
  • Write about your beliefs and ideology, your vision of the world, what is a sense of life as for you;
  • Remember a problem you’ve solved or would like to solve;
  • What transformed you from a child into an adult person – people encountered, various events or something else?;
  • The topic or concept you find interesting and engaging;
  • Share an essay you’ve already written about anything.

Look at these options and decide which one suits you best. Start remembering examples from your life suitable to be summed up under these topics. Brainstorm and write everything that comes to your mind. The following questions are suggested for you to concentrate:

  • What activity do you like the most and what is your hobby horse?
  • Who is your role model that influenced your life most of all?
  • What achievements are you proud of?
  • What quality makes you unique?
  • Whose philosophy of life do you adhere to and are captivated with?
  • Remember the most challenging task you had to perform.
  • When and where did you demonstrate the leadership qualities?

It’s a good idea to ask your nearest to answer these questions because you could forget something that they remember. Write different points of view and then develop them into a good Common Application Essay.

What is necessary to focus on?

It happens that everyone writes about the same thing, but your task is to stand out. Your work should be original and different from the other. It is necessary to demonstrate a unique vision of the topic. Your ideas should be supported by good examples or stories. Experts of the Admissions Committee will analyze your essay, so it will be good if there are not superficial ideas and it entails further contemplations. Remember that specific terms or difficult things are senseless here. Read the text again and make sure that it shows you as a personality. It must express the meaningfulness of a topic for you and confirm that you managed to show interest in the topic, to find an original approach.

Do not care about what the readers would like to see and select the topics that you can reveal and that matter to you. Express your ideas and share your experiences. Write information about yourself. This is a unique opportunity to communicate with the university. Your essay must be designed to show what you think, your attitude to life, main goals and you as a person.

Show growth and development. You are expected to show how you grew up, when you went through some situation, how your life has changed. It is closely connected with the ability to study at university. Be sure to write about how you changed and what problem you’ve solved, what lessons did learn in the process.

What to avoid?

Do not try to be someone else. You will not deceive the admissions committee who saw a great number of essays and will immediately confirm that your description of yourself does not coincide with the rest of the documents.

  • Do not overuse cliches; they show that you cannot express ideas on your own.
  • Do not cite too much. It gives the impression that you do not have your own opinion.
  • We hope this article was useful for you. Good luck in creating the excellent Common App Essay!