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What If You Know Nothing About Essay Writing
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How to Write an Essay

How to Write an Essay When You Don’t Have Any Cool Topic Ideas?

First of all, it’s okay to look for essay help. Argumentative writing and essay papers can drive any college or high school student into a corner. You can always turn to an essay writing service Grademiners.co or look for some inspiration online.

How to Choose the Best Idea Among the Popular Topics?

College and high school essay writing allow students to develop their creative skills. Argumentative writing (or any other type of essay) can either make students interested or bored. It all depends on the topic.

So, how do you choose a good subject to talk about in your paper? Well, start by searching for something that belongs to your field of interests because discussing something you don’t care about is boring and can make you feel frustrated.

It’s always a good idea to pick a topic linked to your specialization. This way, you will write about something that is of current interest, and maybe you will even find a solution to the problem or some innovative ideas.

Once you’ve found a topic that interests you or something that is out of the box, take a closer look at your topic. Does it fit the paper requirements? Will you be able to find enough proof and reliable sources? Is the topic too broad for a short paper or too narrow for a longer and deeper analysis?

Brainstorming is a great way to come up with interesting ideas. All you have to do is concentrate on the issue and spend some time transferring your thoughts on paper. On the first stages of preparation, some topics might look too difficult to write about, so brainstorming can show how many ideas you have on the particular matter.

Avoid boring topics. Yes, they are easy to write about, and you can certainly find plenty of information on them, but such topics will not allow you to express your creativity completely. Talking about something boring and customary won’t let you come up with new and exciting ideas; you will simply repeat what other people have said before, only this time you will use different words.

The List of Great Essay Ideas and Popular Topics

The majority of college and high school students turn to an essay writing service when they don’t know how to write a paper. But if you’re only looking for essay topics help, you can check the following list of argumentative essay topics and find the one that interests you the most:

  • Should military service be mandatory?
  • How can technology prevent terrorist attacks?
  • Do science experiments reduce people’s lives or save them?
  • Recycling and how it can save the planet
  • Should education be separate for girls and boys?
  • Creative marketing and how it influences the sales
  • Parents or classmates: who shapes teenagers’ behavior?
  • Multitasking: pros and cons
  • Synthetic food pills as a substitute for traditional meals
  • New age religions
  • Family as a part of society: today vs. 20 years ago
  • Will religions disappear some day?
  • Revolution: a way to progress or a barbaric happening?
  • Global citizenship and what it really means
  • Can animal testing be justified?
  • Will racism ever disappear?

All of these topics are of current interest and can inspire you to write a great essay, so don’t hesitate to use them.

Practical Essay Writing Tips

If you feel like you can easily deal with your essay writing and don’t need to turn to an essay writing service, consider the following tips, which might help you improve your style and skills.

  • Planning is always a good idea. Even when you don’t have too much time, brainstorming and planning your paper can greatly benefit you. This method will help you organize your thoughts. By following a certain plan, you will not get stuck in the middle of your essay not knowing what to write about.
  • Practice is the key to success. You have to dedicate some time to it, but it will pay off because good writing doesn’t happen on its own; it is achieved by consistency and practice. Try composing some simple essays and then switch to more complicated themes and styles. This way, you will awaken your inner writer, improve your skills, and have plenty of essay samples for your future assignments.

Another way to boost your skills and talents is to read with purpose. Analyze what you’ve read, ask yourself questions about the book’s ideas and messages, and enrich your vocabulary with new words and expressions.

Use words that can help you develop the argument. For example, words like “furthermore,” “moreover,” “however” etc. can help you keep the text parts together and smoothly move from one idea to another.

Proofread your paper a couple of times. Wouldn’t it be sad to write a wonderful, meaningful essay and receive an “F” because of countless grammar and punctuation mistakes?

Argumentative Writing and How to Structure It

Essay writing requires college and high school students to stick to a certain structure. The text must be built logically, with all its parts matching the general idea.

When composing an introduction, it’s helpful to add something attention-grabbing and not to forget to present a thesis statement as well. It’s also common to describe in general the points you are going to make in the essay.

The text body should be divided into paragraphs, each containing a topic sentence, some examples and supporting information, and your thesis proof. Try not to be too general and stick to the specific examples and details.

Finally, move to the conclusion. Don’t simply copy the first paragraph but try to make a powerful final statement using some keywords from the introduction. Use the transition words like “in the end” or “in conclusion.” You can end your text with a call to action or some inspirational statement, which will show your position and how passionate you are about the matter.

With these pieces of advice in mind and some cool topic ideas, you can stop worrying about your writing assignments. And you can easily become number 1 in your class!