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How to Outline Your Essay in Few Steps

Writing an essay outline

Received a difficult task and got stuck with it? Different ideas come to your mind chaotically, and you do not know how to arrange them in something logical and coherent? We suggest you create an essay outline, which is designed to ease your contemplations and save your time.  This article will provide some helpful tips how to do it successfully.

  • Use standard alphanumeric structure

It is considered to be the most common and the easiest type – each structural element (paragraph, topic sentence, subtopic, etc.) is marked by the Roman numerals, capital letters, Arabic numerals or lowercase letters. The alternative is the fractional plan, where the series of numbers are used for marking (1.0, 1.1, 1.1.1, 2.0. 2.1, 2.1.1, etc.).

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  • Think about well-aimed introduction

While outlining the introduction, mind that ideally it starts with an engaging sentence (a quote or anecdote) and end in a thesis statement – one sentence summing up the key points of the paper. Its role is to make the readers and plunge into reading the paper.

  • Develop the main body

It requires the most attention and thorough thinking. Usually, there are about three body paragraphs beginning with a thesis sentence and followed by several supporting evidence. As a rule, two of them confirm one thesis. If you write only one argument, it may seem weak for the reader, and three will overload the text. Basically, you can freely use as many arguments as it is necessary – everything depends on the very thought, the logic of the narration and the volume.

  • Write the convincing conclusion

As a rule, you summarize everything that was mentioned in the essay in the concluding paragraph. It must be realistic and not arise “out of nowhere.”  Here is only what the reader should come to, having familiarized himself with the main part of your work.

Now you have a detailed plan. The next step is to expand it into a text, and your research essay will be successfully written. But before you start working on the text, check whether the theses are arranged in a logical sequence and whether the evidence is strong enough.

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