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Common Application Essay Example

Every student who wants to enter a college should pass necessary exams and deliver a common application essay. This is a special essay that has to be written in the form of a personal story. Members of the committee are aware of everything concerning your grades, academic achievements and official information. What they are not aware of is your personality. This essay is an excellent task for students to show their informal side. They can show that side which can’t be understood from the official documents. Students should write a story about the most important moments in their lives, their... Read more

College Admission Essay Sample

Ever since I learned what a university is, I heard everyone in my family gabbing about the State University and the great heritage that it has. Later, as I grew older, my definition of the same term entirely changed. My uncle being an alumnus took me there a couple of times, and every single time it mesmerized me with its magnificence. My flair for the discipline of science knows no bound. I regularly work to learn something new, and same drove to the University of Texas as a part of their Science Program in the year 2015. The event changed... Read more

Your Persuasive Essays Will Be Brilliant and Profound

As a student, you are aware that during lectures and seminars you have not only to retell the studied material but also to express your thoughts and ideas towards this subject. And, moreover, to prove your reasoning with a powerful back-up. Students are supposed to illustrate why they support or object to this issue by providing convincing arguments and relevant facts. To write a proper argumentative essay, students should do the same but in the written form – choose the subject worth proving and convince the readers to share your viewpoint, accept proven arguments and adopt your way of critical... Read more

What is a Narrative Essay?

Narrative essay is among the most typical assignments in school which teach students the skills needed to describe a certain event, situation or object in a profound and exciting way. Students’ task is to present their personal ideas, emotions, thoughts, reasoning, arguments, and attitudes about a particular issue in the form of a story. And they are free to do that in the manner which suits them best. This is a real chance to write a creative work. Like a real writer would have done. Despite the structural and format demands, this type of essay allows students to demonstrate their... Read more

How to Write an Outstanding Comparison Essay

A comparison essay (which can be called a compare and contrast one) is a common assignment for high school and college students. The explanation of this kind of assignment is in its name: you need to take two subjects, people, events, or other phenomena, and point out their similarities and, if needed, differences. Depending on your specific task, your essay can be focused only on similarities, solely on differences, or on both. This type of task can make students face various degrees of difficulty. For some, it is not a problem to write a good paper, while other students struggle... Read more

How to Be the Best in Argumentative Essay Writing in Class?

Argumentative writing can be interesting and exciting. College students oftentimes receive such essay writing tasks, which show their analyzing skills and abilities to develop a thought and present it on paper. The argument-oriented essays belong to the writing genre where you’re supposed to establish an opinion on a certain matter, explain your position, use evidence and facts to convince (or maybe even persuade) the reader, and prove your own point of view. The Best Way for College Students to Write Argumentative Essays Sticking to a certain structure is a good strategy when it comes to essay writing. Start the text... Read more

How to write great Common Application Essays

New Common Application Essay Prompts announced. A guide for students The most memorable part of all the documents that you provide for admission is your essay. It helps the admissions officers try to see who you really are. The majority of applicants have the same points for exams, grades and it is the essay that highlights your personality. In addition, it shows how you assess yourself, analyze information, and communicate with others in writing. The admission committee not only learns your information and judges you about grammatical structures and the language units used but also pay special attention to your statements... Read more