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Common Application Essay Example

Every student who wants to enter a college should pass necessary exams and deliver a common application essay. This is a special essay that has to be written in the form of a personal story. Members of the committee are aware of everything concerning your grades, academic achievements and official information. What they are not aware of is your personality. This essay is an excellent task for students to show their informal side. They can show that side which can’t be understood from the official documents. Students should write a story about the most important moments in their lives, their ideas, thoughts, interests, and preferences.

The principal aim of this essay type is to promote student’s personality and explain why they are the most suitable applicant to study in this college. Colleges are providing several prompts according to which this essay should be delivered. They help students to focus on particular personal aspects of their lives – experiences, fears, personal growth and others. Take your time, read the prompts and decide what you want to write about. To make your essay memorable choose such topics about which you can write with passions and interest. Our website provides you with a sample of a common application essay. This example can clarify you in what direction you should move to deliver a perfect essay to impress the board.

“When I look in the mirror every day I can notice all changes that have happened to me for the past few years. Of course, I can see physical changes. At the same time looking at my old photo, I realize how much my personality and attitude towards myself and the world have developed. This photo, which I use for comparison, is very dear to me. I was taken when I left my parents’ home to enter the boarding school in the neighboring state. I was fourteen years old and didn’t know what to expect from this place, new teachers, and classmates. My parents packed my belongings in an enormous suitcase, almost bigger than myself. So I was standing in the middle of the schoolyard during a windy morning waiting for someone to tell me where my room is, hoping that my roommate will be nice and friendly.

Being a new girl in school who begins her studies in the middle of the year can be a bit challenging, but I managed to sail through this experience without significant losses. And I liked my school enormously from the very first class. Everything was unusual and exciting to me. Now I realize that that was an average situation in an average school, but at that time my new school really turned to be my second home. I got acquainted with other girls pretty fast, and until the end of my studies, they already became my family. I am not sure whether such a phenomenon really takes place, but in this school, I started to grow much faster than at home – both physically and spiritually. That could have been the hint of a future independence, but my maturity process was very dynamic.

I will always remember all teachers from my school. Except for being professionals, these people were ardent admirers of subjects they taught and what is more they believed that the principal aim of learning is the knowledge gained in the process and not the grades. Usually, pupils worry more about getting positive grades. Our teachers encouraged us to help each other during our studies, to use all necessary equipment and read books on our own and later to discuss the learned material with others. Despite having a lot of classes, we had interesting extracurricular lessons and group discussions. Part of these lessons was dedicated to the discussion of different books.

But this is not a typical discussion as you can imagine when everyone reads the book and then tells their impressions and thoughts to others. No, that was completely different. There were two strict rules we had to follow – we were allowed to use additional information about the book and its author, talk to each other to get new details, but we were forbidden to read this book. After the discussion, all of us knew more about the book they have never read that about the read ones. After that, we could read the book to see whether some of our personal and group thoughts hit the bull’s eye. This is just one example of how our teachers persuaded us to study more, get new information from additional sources and how to be proactive in our studies.

Plus, my behavior and manner got more sophisticated as our headmistress wanted us to be real ladies with the knowledge of etiquette. We were taught how to respect each other, explain our viewpoints and to become a master of communication with all people – classmates, teachers, relatives, and helpers. It was important to learn how to live in a particular community and in the outside world. Well, I should mention why this atmosphere in school was valuable for me. While in the ordinary secondary school I was not an obedient or polite kid. I wasn’t interested in lessons and the way teachers presented the material was very boring. I had a habit of skipping classes if I didn’t want to listen to a dull teacher. That’s why this boarding school opened my eyes and showed me that learning process could be fun, creative and interesting.

After all these years spent in this Hogwarts, and it really seems to me that this was my own school of magic and wizardry, I am very grateful to all amazing people working there. Their dedication and love have shown me the path to development and growth. With their assistance, I found out what I want to do with my life and how to achieve my goals. They didn’t change my personality, but they helped me to create a better version of myself. Looking at that photo now I see a young girl full of dreams and hopes. I see a girl with lots of bright plans for the future that is ready to begin her independent journey.”


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