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College Admission Essay Sample

Ever since I learned what a university is, I heard everyone in my family gabbing about the State University and the great heritage that it has. Later, as I grew older, my definition of the same term entirely changed. My uncle being an alumnus took me there a couple of times, and every single time it mesmerized me with its magnificence.

My flair for the discipline of science knows no bound. I regularly work to learn something new, and same drove to the University of Texas as a part of their Science Program in the year 2015. The event changed that way I interacted with science. It also boosted my intensity of love for the discipline by leaps and bounds. The full-length research experiment encouraged me to involve myself in understanding complicated dynamics between electromagnetic inductions. Thus, my desire to formalize my affection for science made me one of the applicants at the State University.

There is hardly a doubt that the learning environment of State University has lured me towards it. However, apart from its aura and love towards science, I am drawn here for other reasons as well. I love working with people from different background and diversity, and it is one such place that accommodates people from different nations and cultures bonded together with the inclination towards science. Once here, you get to meet people from different countries but with the same mindset. You see them, interact with them and learn that they are there because even they respect the diversity.

In my past two summers, as a part of summer camps with people from different countries, I realized that in order to build trust, achieve integrity and success that a creed, an institution, group or organization values, new people are needed to build an environment for these values. Born and raised on American soil, I am sure that the University will provide me ample opportunities to gel with people from different background. Also, I believe that I will get an innovative perspective in its search for knowledge and will be allowed to contribute to its future success. And that will be the great contribution I can think of.

Another reason is the University’s specialty in defining a niche for every student including the students of science. However, I understand that it doesn’t mean that students are isolated by making them work with the students of the same course or their specific discipline. Rather, the creation of the niche means encouraging communication between students as well as the facilities that allow every department to build a learning environment that simulates the real world.

I am also well aware of the fact that the State University is brimming with experienced faculties who have both academic and industry expertise. Since long, I have been burning the midnight oil to read the research papers published by Prof. Matthew Galler on Embedded Electronics and Prof. Richard Perez on Battery Systems. Apart from these papers, I have been following various other lecturers and tutors on social media platforms and learning about the latest happenings in the field of electrical science from their updates.

The infrastructure is another reason why I am inclined towards this educational institution. Right from IT resources, huge research finding database available to the students, to a library dedicated to the books of electrical engineering, the university has almost everything with which the students can become successful in their academic and professional career.

At the State University, it is not just about academics but overall development of the students with co-curricular activities, clubs, tournaments, etc. This is something that fascinates me to a great extent. I had been an active participant in debates, discussions and other activities during my elementary and high school. For many years, I also led the volleyball team of my high school and represented my school at the state level. I am a hardcore believer of the quote that “all work no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  The same belief always makes me look for such opportunities that could brand me as an all-rounder.

All in all, with its quality of education and amazing culture, I believe that the State University is an ideal place to pursue my higher studies. With my keenness to grasp every bit of knowledge presented to me in the program, I am pretty confident that I can contribute to the university as it continues to build a learning climate and boost my intellectual eagerness.

At the department of electrical engineering, where imparting knowledge to the students along with including them in research are mixed, I know that nothing can stop me from following the path that leads to scientific excellence. In the end, I believe that this place would be the best choice and it is sure to nurture my inclination, love, and passion for the domain of electrical engineering. I also believe that the university with its myriad of opportunities would make my potential limitless.




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