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What is The Best Way to Observe Sports and Games?

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Prompt: Compare and contrast by writing an evaluative essay the difference between watching a game live and watching it on a TV set.

In this modern technology era, where the Smart Ultra HD TVs and huge projection screens have replaced the idiot box, the experience of viewing television shows and movies has manifold by leaps and bounds. However, watching a soccer program or tennis match on a TV is entirely different from watching it live in the stadium along with thousands of fans.

The communal atmosphere in the stadium, the energetic aura, buzzing, cheering and hooting for the team are some of the reasons that truly encourage anyone to be there in the building as the game goes on. And if you are in the stadium for an epic finale or a historical match, you can always save the ticket in your scrapbook as evidence or support of the fact that you were there seeing the great game.

To evaluate the experience, it is necessary to look at the pros and cons of another side as well. When it comes to watching a game from home, you don’t have to sit on uncomfortable plastic chairs with hardly any room to stretch your legs. Also, there are no men and women spilling their drinks and disgusting you with their fast-food gobbling. Above all, there are no long queues outside toilets or food counters to trouble you.

While both the experiences have their advantages and disadvantages, it is all about how social and adaptable you are when it comes to being friends with people. Also, it is quite a dilemma that whether to have a zoomed look at your actor or player on the television set or go out there in the concert or stadium and watch his/her performance live.
Apart from depending on how friendly or social you are, the hard choice of viewing a game on TV or at the stadium also rests on your convenience level. If moving a muscle on holidays, when most of the games take place, is something that you usually hate, and then TV is your lender to the last resort. However, if you do not wish anyone at home to bother you while you watch a game, then marching to the stadium is the right judgment in such a case.
There are oodles of other simple reasons that aid in evaluating the difference between these two quandaries. Among all, the factor of these aspects being economical holds an apex position. If watching the game on the television set sounds more economical than purchasing an exorbitant stadium ticket, going with the former is undoubtedly a sane decision. Another criterion is a destination. If a game or event is happening in a different country or state, many prefer to rejoice it with their peers at home or bar rather than traveling all the way to a new place.

Interestingly, the duration of the concert or game is also a crucial deciding factor in whether to watch it on TV or be physically present at its venue. A game for a couple of hours in a remote location discourages many from purchasing a ticket. Thus, they prefer to experience its thrill through their television sets. However, the hardcore fans and those who admire going to stadiums are always an exception.

Different people have different taste when it comes to watching a game. Those who have a high acceptance rate for the traffic that moves slower than the tectonic plates, watching a game from the stadium is not a big deal for them. In addition, those who can’t hold a sight of their favorite actor or player caged in a television set, love seeing them performing on the open ground or front stage. On the other hand, those who look for an economical way to cheer their favorite team and don’t want to struggle through the heavy traffic and throng of people to reach their stadium seat usually prefer to rejoice the game on the television set right from the comfort of their home.

Lastly, in conclusion, watching a game at home on TV is anytime better than rushing to the stadium. However, for a diehard fan of a particular game who cannot afford to miss the hullaballoo and the cheering of fellow fans, a stadium is no less than paradise.


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