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Narrative Essay Example: The Best Free Things
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The Best Things in Life Are Free Narrative Essay

Money is a very important part of our daily life. Someone, perhaps, will go further and express defined point view that it is the most important thing in the world. It is also true to some extent since money can give us so much: food, clothes, a roof overhead, comfort and comfort, health, social position and other luxuries of life.

However, there are other opinions. The importance of money in our time is too overrated; moreover, they can force and really force people to become enriched for the sake of morality, to act immorally and unworthy, to act contrary to the laws. Nevertheless, there is an old wisdom. It implies in the fact that money can not buy happiness. Talking from my personal experience, I mean real happiness, and not illusory, material, with a short period of validity. There is another proverb. It says that the best things in life are free. In this personal narrative essay, I decided to form a list of such things that are free of charge and crucially important.

The premium thing is reliance. It is the foundation on which the world stands. Reliance comes from within a person and, undoubtedly, has incredible power. Many leaders, faced with adversity, soldiers who were in mortal danger at the front or any other person in a hopeless situation, relied on the fact that reliance will save them, help overcome difficult times. Reliance is absolutely free. If a person is deprived of reliance, his soul will not survive and will simply be broken.

The piece is the key to happiness. The piece can not be bought for money, because if it could be done, then there would be no wars on the planet. The piece is the absence of violence, struggle, pain, and loss. Throughout the history, the piece has been difficult to achieve for humankind. Someone will say that the reason is the cruel, greedy human nature, but in fact, some people fomented war, and others devoted their whole lives to the struggle to ensure that future generations lived happily and freely. Moreover, money fueled wars most of all.

Immortality is not for sale. Immortality may be achieved by creating great deeds that define you and remain forever in the memory of descendants, but for this, you need to have talent, diligence, determination, steadfastness and incredible abilities. In the opposite case, it can not be bought at all desire even for all gold of the world.

Respect is what you need to achieve. Reflecting childhood, I remember that my parents always told me that it does not important how much money do you have. It is important whether you are a person worthy of respect. Respect is the most fragile of all social values. We all want that our peers, younger and older people respect us, but it can not be bought. We may only deserve it by hard work, love, respect for others, modesty and good.

Friends are one of the greatest treasures. Someone may argue that in fact, you can buy friends for money, but this begs the question – are they real? Real friends can not be bought for money. Friendship is something that develops out of love, help, constant care, respect and is formed by time.

Talent is the gift of nature. Talent, creativity or ingenuity is something that is not sold in stores; it may be inherent in you or may not be. Talent can not be bought; it is necessary to be born with it. In history, there are many examples where creativity was superior to money. Such famous artists as Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh never sold their greatest creations for the sake of wealth and glory. Of course, talent can lead you to success; however, it is not a merit not of money, but of hard work.

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