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TV Is Rather Bad Than Good

Argumentative Paper Example Television appeared almost a hundred years ago. Experts did not doubt the imminent death of books, theater and cinema, and enthusiastic spectators seated in front of TV screens, the size of which did not exceed the saucer. Now the picture has changed. TVs got huge color screens, surround sound and the same image, but the planned death of all the arts did not happen. Undoubtedly, it is a great fortune. There are a lot of pieces evidence why the TV is rather bad than good and here are some of the most crucial. TV devours your time.... Read more

Applied Ethics and It’s Modern Problems

Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, the question was raised about the need to rethink the tasks of ethics, finding new ways and methods, in comparison with the previous traditional one. George Edward Moore Was the first to criticize all the traditional concepts. He analyzed in detail the shortcomings and mistakes of metaphysical philosophy from a lot of perspectives including esoteric ones and showed that none of the directions existing in it is able to solve any of its fundamental questions – what is good, ideal, right behavior, happiness. With this critical attitude, the development of Western ethics... Read more

Analytical Essay on Types of Temperament

The division into introverts and extroverts is almost the only characteristic of the identity, about the existence of which psychologists and psychotherapists do not argue. The brain researchers gradually explain the nature of the differences. In popular literature, the question has long been solved in the most primitive way: extroverts are called sociable individuals with a strong nervous system, and a beautiful title “introvert” was appropriated to individuals who are not sociable, immersed in the world of experience and has a weak nervous system. This is a combination of three factors. These are sociability, the strength of the nervous system... Read more

An Autobiography Essay Michael Davis

My name is Michael Davis; I’m 20 years old. I was born in Sacramento, CA and lived here all my life. I almost do not remember the time when I was little, but I can say that I had a happy childhood. My father is a lawyer, and my mother is a housewife, and due to this, I was never deprived of parental attention. Mom invested her whole soul in my upbringing and education, and my father taught me by his example not to be afraid of difficulties. I grew up a very active child and never sat in one... Read more

American dream – expository essay sample

All Americans, young and old, are familiar with the concept of the American dream. This notion is older than most people think. It was elaborated at the time when different people were deprived of one of the most valuable things in life – personal freedom. The American dream has been used as a guideline which explained how people should live in accordance with proper human values. So what is the American dream? First of all, it’s about our needs, desires, and dreams. If there is something special in your life, which you are yearning the most, it’s your dream. And... Read more

Private and Public Universities in the USA

Comparative Essay in MLA style Both private and public schools are a great place for study; still, an appropriate choice depends on the kind of a college a person is searching for. Private universities are built and financed by people who don’t work in the government. A lot of well-known private universities are non-profit. The most popular schools that belong to private ones incorporate Harvard, Keiser University, MIT, and Stanford. Public schools, on the other hand, are launched and supported by governments. Prominent public schools encompass the University of North Carolina, the University of Illinois, and Ohio State University. Education... Read more

Essay Why Social Networks Are Bad

Social networks have identified the development trends of the Internet in the direction of integration, the pooling of opportunities within a single, multi-user web platform. These platforms provided a lot of opportunities.  The user can communicate with friends, read the news, watch movies, listen to music, share it with other participants, take part in discussions that audience will support, unite by interests, create communities and all these opportunities are concentrated on one site. Social networks are a great technological achievement. They amuse our lives in a great way. This essay will be dealing with advantages and some shortcomings of social... Read more

Nature Versus Nurture: Genes or Environment Research Essay

The nature versus nurture controversy is the dispute trying to find out whether the environment or genetic makeup shapes us who we are, affects our growth, behavior, intellect, and abilities. This is one of the biggest discussions ever-occupying thinker’s minds. Genes are the segments of the DNA bearing information that determines a gender, hair and eye color, some of other attributes and are molecular heredity units. While nurture refers to the non-genetic determinants, recently, scholars distinguished the third approach, which is the combination of both forces. Over the years lots of scientific investigations have been done on the genome and... Read more

The Best Things in Life Are Free Narrative Essay

Money is a very important part of our daily life. Someone, perhaps, will go further and express defined point view that it is the most important thing in the world. It is also true to some extent since money can give us so much: food, clothes, a roof overhead, comfort and comfort, health, social position and other luxuries of life. However, there are other opinions. The importance of money in our time is too overrated; moreover, they can force and really force people to become enriched for the sake of morality, to act immorally and unworthy, to act contrary to... Read more

How to Stop School Bullying

The problem of persecution of a child in school existed at all times. In the last decade, it is becoming especially relevant. Plots in television news, journalistic broadcasts are full of facts that testify various types of bullying in schools. The trend of today is schools cyber bullying. One of the goals is to capture on the mobile phone how the process of the humiliation of a person takes place, in order to subsequently put the video on the Internet and thus satisfy the need for self-affirmation. Up to 10 years, the problems in communicating are not permanent. At the... Read more