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How to Be the Best in Argumentative Essay Writing in Class?

Argumentative writing can be interesting and exciting. College students oftentimes receive such essay writing tasks, which show their analyzing skills and abilities to develop a thought and present it on paper.

The argument-oriented essays belong to the writing genre where you’re supposed to establish an opinion on a certain matter, explain your position, use evidence and facts to convince (or maybe even persuade) the reader, and prove your own point of view.

The Best Way for College Students to Write Argumentative Essays

Sticking to a certain structure is a good strategy when it comes to essay writing. Start the text with a short introduction of the matter, provide the thesis, and explain the value of the topic.

Then you can move to the main part of the text – the body. That’s where you introduce your arguments and develop them, supporting each statement using facts and relevant evidence. The reasoning and argument clause can be accompanied by the opposing section where you can describe the opposite views on the matter.

To conclude the paper, you can review the major points of the text. That’s also where you show the subject’s importance again. Essay conclusions don’t usually contain any new information, just the general mention of what was described in the paper.

And don’t forget about using the connection words. By doing so, you will make your opinions and arguments sound more confident and stronger. Connection words and phrases help writers to emphasize the argument and keep the whole text together.

Things to Remember when Considering Argumentative Essay Topics

College students can show their creative side and express their imagination when choosing among numerous persuasive essay topics. Still, there are some pieces of advice you should keep in mind if you expect your argumentative writing to be effortless and problem-free.

It is always a good idea to choose a subject of current interest. Describing something that everybody is talking about is easy. Plus, you will be sure that the readers will find the theme of your essay curious and will probably be more likely to read the text until the very end, raising questions and enthusiastic discussions.

Choosing a contradictory or atypical topic can help you show your creativity and express some new original ideas. Surprising the readers is a great way to present your paper in a good light. You can talk about some things that people don’t normally agree on and show your personal attitude and points of view.

Another piece of advice for you is to pick an issue you are personally interested in. This will make the whole writing process simpler and will also allow you to feel enthusiastic about your writing. You won’t even notice how fast you will finish your paper.

As for the topics that you should avoid, try to stay away from the overused subjects. Gun control, abortion, death penalty, and other issues like that are important, but they had been described in essays way too many times. Everything you might say on the matter has probably been said before.

Avoid topics that you are not certain about. If you can’t make a certain decision on how you feel about the subject, it’s a good idea to stay away from it. You need to be sure in your opinions if you really want to compose a good essay. Of course, avoid topics that might feel like a personal attack on some people. It’s okay when you want to describe something challenging or contradictory, but don’t forget to stay respectful.

Cool Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

Argumentative essay topics are full of diversity and can relate to numerous themes and subjects. To choose a great college essay topic means to ensure the easy and pleasant essay writing process. Look at these cool topic ideas and get inspired to create the best argumentative piece of writing ever:

  • When can military force be justified?
  • Will robots make us more efficient or lazier?
  • Should parents be held responsible for the crimes that their children commit?
  • Monarchy: pros and cons
  • Can we stop the deforestation?
  • Can you succeed in life being an artist?
  • Google services and people’s privacy concerns
  • Is politics an art?
  • Can torture be justified?
  • Teenage marriage: pros and cons
  • What to do with nuclear waste
  • How is music connected to psychology?
  • Will paper become obsolete?
  • The most crucial elements of dating
  • Is gluten really bad for you?
  • Racial tolerance and cross-cultural marriages
  • Is hunting bad or good for the environment?
  • Can divorces be prevented?
  • How will nanotechnology affect medicine?
  • Should video games be used as a learning tool?

With these topics, you won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out what you want to bring up for a discussion. So, grab a pen and show what you’ve got!