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I Believe in the Power of Faith

The power of faith is the most valuable resource of any person. In a situation where a person no longer has a choice, the power of faith is the one thing that we can rely on, and that can save us. Psychologists and those who use the basics of psychology in their professional activities such as doctors, priests, and even sports coaches are aware of this power and use it every day. Sometimes faith is perceived as a synonym for religion, however, now it is not about a confessional faith in God. A religious person is primarily interested in rituals, dogmas, and the history of his religion. One goes to the church every day, dresses as prescribed by religion and observes fasts. Belief in God in this context is a somewhat special occasion because true faith is deep in one’s heart. A believer may demonstrate it, or may not because there is no need for it. But a real, sincere, heartfelt faith seems to illuminate a person from within.

I believe that there is no necessity to inquire, to demand arguments, guarantees, and certificates with a wet sea. It’s enough just to believe when you feel that you need it. Faith is the developer, the accelerator and the key to the Secret Source of the Inner Force of an individual because premier thing a person starts with is a belief in oneself. A person is capable of much with this attitude, and that’s where the magic comes from. There was a day when you did everything that you can do now for a premier time in your life. You would not do it for anything if you did not believe that it is for you to do. You can not learn anything until you believe that you will succeed.
Belief is a powerful source of inner strength. But people are taught to live in such a way that they do not suspect their capabilities and do not believe in the existence of a source of internal power capable of “coping with everything and without everyone” inside him.
People are taught not to believe for two reasons. The premier reason is in the fact that a person, who has realized one’s inner strength and has learned to use it, can be dangerous. Secondly, we have long lived in the age of science, and science implies a mandatory skepticism and doubt. Without a doubt, this working tool of any objective knowledge, the discovery of the scientific law simply will not take place. It is good when this important tool does not go beyond the walls of the laboratory. Science and its tool of skepticism are good, but they have a side effect that is very harmful to humanity as a whole. Claiming for totality and harmlessness, science universally spreads skepticism as the norm of thinking and attitude for all people. In such an atmosphere, knowledge develops well, but the power of faith imperceptibly dies. The power of belief is the only thing that a person, who has nothing else, has; moreover, it is free of charge. In the 19th century, which was already a century without faith, a replacement was found for the vanishing power of belief. At that time, science developed spasmodically, and the power of faith was replaced by willpower. According to the mentors of the era of atheism and science, courageous people who discovered the Pole and Africa, who flew across the ocean and fought with fever, had the willpower. But it seems to me that these people possessed the power of faith because only by believing in your own strength, you can go to Africa swarming with deadly diseases.
When a person has the power of faith, then willpower becomes an extra and incomprehensible value. But the power of faith has one cunning property and appears only when the desired result is waiting for us, which is really needed and useful. Reaching someone else’s far-fetched goals, we will never meet face to face with our own strength of faith. It will simply ignore our pleas at this moment. And the thoughtless willpower, which is always at our service – will only deplete the psyche, the body, and the surrounding living environment.
A special occasion of the power of faith is the power of thought. I believe in it too. The power of a human thought knows no bounds and extends to everything around us. Our thoughts completely define us as persons. Over the past ten years, the world of science has undergone tremendous changes. Signs of a new era – the era of subconscious thinking are increasingly tracking in the press and scientific literature. This way of thinking is able to give everything you want since you have an invaluable treasure and should use it. Every person is able to make his life happy with the power of thought. Every individual is the creator of his world and with the proper use of his subconscious can fulfill all his desires and achieve success in all his endeavors. By directing the thinking process into a positive channel, a person can evolve to incredible heights. And, conversely, if the human mind is directed toward the negative, then such a person can degrade to the most miserable state.
I believe that we ourselves create reality. The situations that we imagine and about which we dream often becomes a reality thanks to the psychic energy that we put into these thoughts. Scientific photo laboratories have already managed to take pictures of thoughts in color mode. They determined that every thought has its own form and color. Negative thoughts have ugly shapes and dark colors, and positively charged thoughts are endowed with an attractive and harmonious form, light and bright tones. This proves the existence of a more subtle matter than that which we can see with our own eyes.
Moreover, modern scientific theories that thoughts materialize are reflected in ancient myths and folktales. The inhabitants of the eastern hemisphere tell the story about Aladdin with its genie from the bottle, fulfilling any desires for many years. It is enough just to clearly articulate and say what do you want.
I believe in the power of visualization because it is one of the ways to use the power of human thought. This is the mental creation of the film of your dreams, and the imagination is the most intimate dreams and fantasies. When you see this in your mind’s eye, your desires are already partly materialized. In fact, according to scientists who have studied brain cells, the human mind does not distinguish the imaginary picture from the real one. As Albert Einstein said: “Imagination is a show of the upcoming events of one’s’ life.”
Visualization contributes to the emergence of positive thoughts (using your imagination), aimed at the changes that you want to achieve. Scientists have found out that about 80 percent of information comes to us through sight, about 15 through hearing, the rest through smell, taste, and touch. No wonder it is said that it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. Thus, presenting pictures of your happy life, you can speed up the process of reprogramming your subconscious mind to a new, successful scenario.
I believe that we can get everything we want only if we really want it. The power of faith and the power of thought work for our good. However, do not forget that no one has canceled the need for active action in relation to our desires. Our inner energy is just another, but a very powerful addition to our daily efforts on the way to our dream. I believe that it is needed to use the combination of necessary efforts and right thinking wisely. Only by working together, these two resources can help us to succeed.