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An Autobiography Essay Michael Davis

My name is Michael Davis; I’m 20 years old. I was born in Sacramento, CA and lived here all my life. I almost do not remember the time when I was little, but I can say that I had a happy childhood. My father is a lawyer, and my mother is a housewife, and due to this, I was never deprived of parental attention. Mom invested her whole soul in my upbringing and education, and my father taught me by his example not to be afraid of difficulties.

I grew up a very active child and never sat in one place for longer than one second. Nothing has changed after 20 years, and I am still as restless as I have been before. When my mother realized that my unrestrained energy needed liberation, she decided to attach me to sports. My parents wanted me to grow up healthy, and they decided to take me to the pool so I could learn to swim there. I can remember that I really liked the training in the pool and I went there with pleasure four times a week.

Then time to go to primary school came. There I learned to read, and since then it has become my second passion after the sport. My parents were very happy that now I can sit calmly for hours, reading an interesting book. Literature was the only subject I really liked; I treated all the other sciences fairly calmly but got good marks.

I continued my training in the pool, and when I was 10, I was invited to participate in city competitions. I agreed because I could not disappoint my coach and parents. I was very worried, but I tried not to build illusions about this challenge.  I knew that my rivals are strong, but I was not going to give up. At those competitions, I took the third place. Then I understood two important things. The initial one was that participation in some cases is more important than winning. This is a test of oneself for strength and courage, and if you have the courage to challenge yourself, then the chances of victory increase. The second conclusion was that I needed to improve. I told myself that if two boys who got the first and second places can do it, then I can too. The outcome was that sometimes it is useful to be not equal to competitors and strive to reach their level.

In high school, I decided to try to enter the school football team. Before that, I played football only with my dad or with friends, it was just an amateur level, but I was hardy and strong. In sport, this is already the half of the success. I was accepted into the team, and now I had to combine study, pool, and football because all this was equally important and I could not give up any of my activities.  However, my passion for literature has not disappeared even in conditions of intense training. I spent free time reading and finding inspiration, answers to my questions and new forces for new achievements in books.

Then the question of my admission to college became relevant. I did not know what to choose. My hobbies with sports and literature have predicted a rather illusory future, and I did not understand where I could realize myself. Then my dad insisted that I start studying law.  He did not persuade me to give up my training but said that jurisprudence will always be able to feed me. Dad used to tell me a lot about his work, and I clearly understood that it would be difficult to study, sometimes even very difficult, but at the same time, it is an opportunity to help society. He was right, and I believed him.  Studying at college was very hard work, but at one moment I was surprised to find that it was really interesting to me. I was able to study perfectly, and I could always ask advice from my father if a controversial question arose. My college education was the most interesting period of my life. I liked everything I was doing and everything I was studying. I did not stop playing sports, and now swimming and football are integral parts of my life.

Shortly before graduation, I realized that I still needed to choose the priority direction of my development. It was a hard choice. I’ve been in sports since my early childhood, and jurisprudence has carried me relatively recently, but seriously. Nevertheless, I realized that it is impossible to be equally successful in everything. I decided that jurisprudence would be my priority, and the sport will be present in my life as a hobby and for maintaining morale.

Now I’m going to enter the law faculty of the university, and I will also try to become a member of the university sports team.

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