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TV Is Rather Bad Than Good

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Television appeared almost a hundred years ago. Experts did not doubt the imminent death of books, theater and cinema, and enthusiastic spectators seated in front of TV screens, the size of which did not exceed the saucer. Now the picture has changed. TVs got huge color screens, surround sound and the same image, but the planned death of all the arts did not happen. Undoubtedly, it is a great fortune. There are a lot of pieces evidence why the TV is rather bad than good and here are some of the most crucial.

TV devours your time. At first, the audience watched the programs when they had free time. Then came the series and the audience began to live when there is a free time from the TV. There are a lot of statistics on this matter. A modern urban resident spends on watching television for several hours a day, which is the greater part of his free time. Work, sleep, and TV constitutes the main part of life. Television as a media exists for more than half a century; however, even for such a short period of time by historical standards, it has become one of the important social needs of a person.

TV breaks our development. The prolonged excessive consumption of television depresses our brains. The complete absence of brain activity aimed at decision making and creation replaced only by passive consumption of information turn your personality into a zombie.

Television makes you worse. Modern producers have well grasped the idea that people are most attracted by conflicts in relationships, fear, and greed and make full use of these baits. It is possible to present evidence why it is so. On some channels, there are still a couple of sensible broadcasts, but they do not influence a TV as a whole and their closure is only a matter of time. Television content only arouses low feelings. Millions of poor people are going to take a look at the rally of wealth, blood is gushing from the screens, and in general, it does not bring any positive to your life.

The shortcomings of television also include an information overdose. Each advertisement break, each news release consists of separate short stories, individual stories that are poured and mixed in your head. Television literally maims our brains. During the evening you get such a quantity of completely useless information that there is no free place for useful things.

Advertising can be a separate thesis statement on this issue. It allows making programs and showing them to viewers for free. But what is happening now on the screen is already beyond the scope of this explanation. Up to 50% of TV content is advertising. Viewing a standard movie turns into an occupation for the whole evening, and the show of stars is stretched to the appearance of stars in the sky. Is not there too much pay for the right to watch dubious broadcasts?

Television makes you unhappy. We are offered a huge number of serials, for housewives, intellectuals, connoisseurs of fashion and fans of detectives. We follow someone else’s life and try it for ourselves. There are quarrels and armistices, weddings and divorces of strangers, other people’s thoughts and feelings.

Television makes you poorer. The disadvantage of the TV is not even that advertising makes us buy things that we do not need. A much bigger problem is that you involuntarily, unconsciously, penetrate the spirit of consumerism in the most unattractive sense of the word. The blind race for other people’s values makes our wallets empty but does not bring happiness. TV inspires us that the level of a person completely coincides with the price of hours on his hand, and the truest dream in life is the latest model of a car of a fashion brand.

Schedule of programs becomes more important than life itself. Hardened TV lovers have long been accustomed to the fact that their lives are dictated by the schedule of television programs. If on Wednesdays there is a favorite show, then a walk in the park is postponed for another day. While the commercial break has begun, it is necessary to have time to call parents quickly. It just becomes not quite clear who the master of your life is – you or the program director of the channel?

However, I do not agitate to a complete refusal to watch TV. Many people would just be useful to think about the relationship between the benefits and harm of the TV, and also about the reasonable distribution of their time.

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