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American dream – expository essay sample

All Americans, young and old, are familiar with the concept of the American dream. This notion is older than most people think. It was elaborated at the time when different people were deprived of one of the most valuable things in life – personal freedom. The American dream has been used as a guideline which explained how people should live in accordance with proper human values. So what is the American dream? First of all, it’s about our needs, desires, and dreams. If there is something special in your life, which you are yearning the most, it’s your dream. And you should work hard on its fulfilling. Only, in this case, you will be successful – you will be busy in the enterprise you really tend to do your best to achieve your goals and have a meaningful life.

This expression is used to denote a successful person who takes responsibility for their life. It’s about personal achievements, choices, and possibilities. The main idea is to highlight that we in charge of our lives and choices and we have the freedom to change our lives for better or worse. If we spend our time working hard and trying to achieve the desired, this American dream will become a reality. Laziness and ignorance are the worst enemies of this concept – we should exert ourselves to gain wealth, respect and accomplish our dreams. These are the fundamental rights of any individual who strives for the full life. American constitution guarantees these liberties to all of us without any exceptions for sex, religious views, race or any other criteria. We have equal possibilities, and it depends on how we will use them.

People who founded America and those millions who came after they believed that this county would give them a chance for a decent work and fruitful life. Even at present people are leaving their homes in different corners of the globe in the pursuit of happiness and freedom. People from all walks of life came to America to be given the opportunity to fulfill their goals, have equal opportunities and to take control of their lives. They saw this concept as an answer to their desires – an environment where they can enhance their skills, get a proper job, earn a good salary and conduct a happy life. All these people were different in their lifestyles, outlooks and social background. But they were dedicated to their work, determined to achieve more and ready to work tirelessly overcoming obstacles. This is the primary idea of the American dream.

All of us can find this in America even now. If you are hard-working, you will be able to become whom you want to be and grow as a specialist and an individual. Prosperity is not a myth if you dedicate your time and efforts to obtain it. The very notion of the American dream and its goals can differ in the mind of every person. We all share similar values – good health, proper income, interesting events, time to relax, family and friends – but we place different things ahead. Not all people understand the essence of this idea. Some people consider that the key concept of this notion is wealth. They tend to gain more money to be able to spend it on different expensive things which should demonstrate their social status. Others desire personal independence and freedom to follow their own principles. We all are thriving to gain personal success in the chosen field and to lead a happy life – on the contrary; simple material well-being can never substitute those the real worthy things.

The idea place inside the American dream concept usually has a positive impact on people trying to follow it. These are serious, hard-working people who know their aims and see the way to achieve them. They are constantly developing their skills and knowledge to become the better versions of them. They know how to treat money. Due to their determination, they never take things for granted – they realize how many efforts have been dedicated to everything. Having equal possibilities, they construct their life leaving behind all challenges and troubles. This great idea about success should be only a dream – it needs fulfillment.

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