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Sample College Essay: My Favorite Books and Authors
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Admission Essays: My Two Favourite Books

If you want to study literature in college, you should show your perfect knowledge and deep understanding of some pieces of classical literature. That is why deciding what to write about, it will be reasonable to apply to your favorite books in authors in your college essays that worked.

The novel Bel Ami was written by Maupassant in 1885. In it, the French writer immediately addressed several classical problems, closely related to the main idea of the work – an attempt to show human nature, corrupted by a materialistic society.

The protagonist of the novel is a former military man, Georges Duroy. He goes through a difficult career path from an ordinary employee of the Northern Railway to the chief editor of the most influential Parisian newspaper “French Life”, the son-in-law of millionaire Walter and the future deputy. He begins his ascension with a simple desire to have the opportunity to eat every day. With every social achievement, he begins to want more. The main hero is driven by the envy all the time. George is jealous of the public position of Forestier, the multimillion-dollar state of Walter, the ministerial status of Laroche-Mathieu and of all the people who live better than he lives.

The artistic problems of the novel are diverse. It includes the comprehension of not only personal, but also social, and philosophical (religious) issues. The social principle of the Bel Ami is expressed in the description of several social classes: the peasantry (Georges’ parents), the intelligentsia (employees of the French life), politicians (Foreign Minister Laroche-Mathieu), nobles (Count de Vaudreck and others). In his novel, Maupassant shows the blurring of some social frames and the formation of others at the end of the XIX century: the protagonist of the work, a native of the peasant environment, in the beginning, becomes a military man, then a journalist, then a nobleman. The latter is quite easy. Georges changes his name from Duroy to Du Roy de Cantel (after the name of the area where he was born and raised), begins to sign his articles and eventually become accustomed to his new social status.

Bel Ami is highly realistic. Maupassant with the greatest thoroughness describes the appearance of his characters, surrounding their landscapes, with masterful accuracy, writes out dialogues. The latter is as close to real life as possible. The heroes of the novel speak to each other in a simple language, devoid of excessive literary pathetic.

The psychology of Bel Ami is closely connected with the disclosure of the artistic image of the main character. Maupassant shows mental anguish of Georges. These are his pleasures (when he first dresses in a tailcoat and starts the path to a new life, joyfully jumping on the stairs and studying his reflection in the mirror), his fear (in the night before the hero’s duel, he tries to sleep, drink, write letters to parents ), his jealousy (to the dead friend Forestier), his understanding of the true nature of things (when he realizes that his wife Madeleine will be doing exactly the same things as it was in the case with the first husband), his envy (for someone else’s wealth and position).The image of Georges Duroy is an image of an unprincipled villain. Nevertheless, many actions of the hero are conditioned by life itself.

The second book I want to form my personal statement samples about is The Great Gatsby by F.S. Fitzgerald.  This is one of the best works of the writer. It showed two properties of Fitzgerald’s talent – pathos, emotional tension of the romantic and sharp, even satirical view of the realist. The main goal of Fitzgerald is the dethronement of the American dream in the novel “The Great Gatsby”. What is an American dream? This is the desire for lightning success and rapid enrichment. And the most important thing is that happiness and wealth are identical for people who profess the postulates of this American dream. This myth includes equal opportunities for all people, regardless of their starting capital and social origin. The name of this dream embodies the idea that all this is possible only in one particular country. It is the USA, of course. This theory is debunked by F. Fitzgerald in this novel and other of his works. He proves that a person who has spent his whole life on receiving material benefits does not become happier from it, but on the contrary, loses his own “I”, his spiritual world and, as a consequence, the desire to live a full life. The author shows the tragedy of a man who all his life sought for wealth, which, in the end, led to his death.

This is a story about the “model” American young boy. Gatsby endured the First World War; his military career shows that he was strong, steadfast and courageous. The son of indigent parents had to not only form himself, but also pave the way to society, “build” his own career, and worry about his future.

The fate of Gatsby is tragic since this is the destiny of the poor man. Success, recognition, even the triumph of love depends on money in the bourgeois world. One of the postulates of the American dream is equality of opportunity for all Americans regardless of their financial status. Fitzgerald applies here to serious criticism of society, which distorts human feelings and relationships, pushes a person to crime, and makes a tragedy, if not inevitable, then in any case logical.

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